Thanks for visiting Arnhem Bitcoin City

On the 28th of May 2016 we held a celebration event in Arnhem called "Bitcoin In Use".
It was fun! We hope to see you all soon again.


Rick Falkvinge

Riccardo Spagni

Peter Todd

Manfred Karrer

Joerg Platzer

You can view their entire presentations in the videos section.


Rick Falkvinge about privacy and the forgotten use cases of Bitcoin.

Riccardo "fluffyponyza" Spagni about the possible consequences of (lack of) financial privacy and how Monero works.

Peter Todd on buying your morning coffee with Bitcoin.

Manfred Karrer explains the decentralized exchange Bitsquare.

Joerg Platzer about Room77 and his proposal for a negative blocksize.


Bitcoin in Use in numbers:

Number of visitors:

about 120 Visitors

Percentage of tickets paid using Bitcoin:


Number of Bitcoin transactions in Arnhem during the event:

237 transactions

Amount of bitcoins spent in Arnhem during the event:

8.488 BTC

Amount of euros spent on Bitcoin transactions during the event:

3826.19 EUR

Number of merchants that received at least one bitcoin transaction during the event:

27 merchants


Pictures by Roelien van Neck and Vera van der Meijde

360 pictures



We are thankful for our sponsors, together they made this event possible!


Annet de Boer
Otto de Voogd
Patrick van der Meijde
Rogier Eijkelhof

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